Professional Gel Documentation

Professional System



  • Professional live imaging camera, 2 mill. or 5 mill. pixel, up to 4096 grey levels (=12 bit), true black and white camera in robust quality for industrial purposes
  • The images meet the requirements for quantification of material mass in bands!
  • High quality zoom lens and optical filter for EthBr. and SyBr fluorescence
  • Darkroom (steel) with UV transilluminator, UV 312 nm, 20x20 cm2, placed on pull-out tray, incident white light
  • Intuitive camera control and image acquisition software
  • Gel analysis software, license-free
  • PC for camera control and image acquisition (may also be supplied by customer)


  • Digital Thermosublimation printer Sony UP-D898
  • PC for camera control and image acquisition, ready to use
  • All system items are also available separately!