Camera Plugins for ImageJ

USB and GigE

ImageJ camera plugins are available for:

Our ImageJ camera plugins let the user execute a lot of camera control functions and display of uncompressed live image streams at high frame rates in a true ImageJ image window (no Twain or similar!). Thus ImageJ tools from the toolbar or the ImageJ API may be applied directly to the displayed live image stream. Moreover many functions of the plugin may be called by ImageJ Macros. So the user is able to automate even sophisticated procedures comprising image processing and camera control.

The installation is quite simple, only by copy/paste a few number of files into the folder structure of ImageJ. There is no need to install Micro Manager. Thus your present ImageJ installation may be completed by the plugin files. For more informations have a look to our video, which is showing the plugin for a GigE camera in action (voice is speaking German). You also may download it from below.

The plugins are not free, but you may request a demo (let us know your camera model).

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