CCD and CMOS Cameras

USB3, GigE Vision and Camera Link controlled by ImageJ
- Windows, Linux and also support for ARM Single Board Computers -

Basler Camera
Video shows ImageJ camera plugin in action

Cameras for light and fluorescence microscopy, fluorography, technical inspections and quality control

C Mount Cameras

The above camera models are only an excerpt of the product line of Basler. Our camera control plugin for ImageJ supports all cameras based on Basler's Pylon driver (USB, GigE and Camera Link Interfaces). Moreover there is also another plugin supporting cameras of Pointgrey/Flir run by driver Flycapture2.

The color versions of the cameras have more modes but the controlling camera software ImageJ (Plugin, see below ) is only supporting 8 bit color data (3x8 Bit RGB). In case of color cameras, the ImageJ Plugin is generating RGB color images by a debayer algorithm. Thus high frame rates can be obtained even for color images. 8 bit and 12 bit B/W live Image streams are however supported by the ImageJ plugin.
Image streams are not subjected to compression. This enables highest image quality without any compression artefacts and most precise image analysis.

Embedded Vision with ARM Processors

We are offering highly performing software optimized for Single Board Computers with ARM processors such as Exynos 5422 for:

Scope of delivery:


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